April 13, 2018

Berthing Unberthing Procedure


    • Berthing without being moored at jetty bolder (snatching) is not allowed.
    • Jetty 1, 2, 3, 4A1 and A2 can be done berthing or sailing the ship without regard to positive current or negative current. If positive current, the ship will berth on starboar side alongside and if negative current, the ship will berth on port side alongside. When the ship is berthing or sailing at Jetty 4 (Inner berth), Jetty 5 and Jetty 6A, should be in positive current. The value is Zero or positive on tidal stream tables of Indonesian Archipelago.
    • Tugboat of Barge was not be allowed to leave the barge except for specific reasons and with approval by Jetty Master and Ship Agent must propose the Shifting Approval Letter (Ijin Olah Gerak) from Gresik Port Authority (KSOP) and send the copy to SMT terminal then the Master of tugboat filled out the Form from Jetty Master.
    • Berthing Parallel Should follow the parameters as follows : a. Maximum speed 0.4 knots for vessels up to 5,000 DWT b. Maximum speed of 0.2 knots for ship more than 5,000 DWT.
    • Jetty Master could suspend or prohibit to berth the Ship at SMT in case:
      a. The ship is in an abnormal condition (eg: the differences of the vessel Trim is very large, Cargo is on Fire, and tugboat condition can’t operate maximally).
      b. Bad weather, in this case Jetty Master will coordinate with the ship’s agent
      who will explain in its entire the situation, if necessary, coordination of meetings involving Commercial & Planning, Jetty Master, ship agent, ship owner, Safety Officer and related parties.

    • To berth at Jetty 4B (inner berth), jetty 5B (inner berth) vessel shall be with certain condition and required Starboard Side Alongside (Ro-ro, ship with Starboard crane, etc.) must be in current + 0.5 knots or slack conditions (0.0) on Tidal Stream Tables of Indonesian Archipelago.


    • Jetty Master notes clearly the reasons for the off-shore lag.
    • Jetty Master will release the ship based on criteria:
      a. Got information from the ship’s agent that the vessel document is complete.
      b. Get information from the ship’s agent about the snooze guide to be used.
      c. Support documents during loading and unloading process are complete
      d. Receive commands from Manager / Supervisor Operation to release the
    • Jetty Operator will release the rope of ship when receive commands from
      Jetty Master only.
    • In the event of an emergency, the captain decides to ask to unberthing the
      ship if :
      a. Bad Weather ( refer to SMT weather procedure )
      b. Hazard events in the jetty (explosion / fire / riot).
      c. Hazard events from other ships which berthing not far from the vessel
      in relevant (fire / explosion).
  • Jetty Master supervise and monitor the movement of the ship as it away the