October 26, 2017

Condition Of Acceptance


The jetty is operated by Terminal Manager who is responsible for the safe conduct of operations and regulations at the Siam Maspion Terminal jetty.

Currently Siam Maspion Terminal consist of 1 (one) berth and the designed to serve vessels of various size and type of cargoes.

Terminal Manager accepts ships with the understanding that operations are conducted safely and expeditiously in accordance with ISGOTT and that the jetty is vacated as soon as practicable after operations are completed.

Terminal Manager reserves the right to suspend operations and require the removal of any ship from the jetty for:

  • Failure to comply with these regulations.
  • Failure to comply with the international regulations governing safe tanker discharge at the jetty.
  • Defects in ship, equipment, manning or operation, which in the opinion of the Jetty Master or operational staff present a hazard to the jetty, plant or personnel, associated with the jetty.
  • Cargo out of specification.