October 26, 2017

Pre Operation Meeting

Before any loading/unloading operations can commence a meeting between the Master, the Officer in charge of cargo operation and Jetty Master / Loading Master will take place on board the vessel. At this meeting, they will:

  1. Ensure complete and sign an understanding of “The Ship Shore Safety Check List “ ( SSSCL ).”
  2. Discuss any deficiencies shown up by the above checklist and agree with any additional precautions required.
  3. PT Siam Maspion Terminal reserves the right to refuse to off-load the ship if the required standards are not met.

Agree with the discharge program which will include :

  • The quantity of product /cargo to be off-loaded.
  • Determine acceptable receiving pumping rates including pre-planned stoppages or slow-downs, agreed by both in the shore request
  • Order of operations in case of multiple cargoes/parcels
  • Advice regarding the ships emergency shut-down system.
  • Advice regarding the PT Siam Maspion Terminal emergency shut-down system and provision of cabled hand switch which will be provided to ship for use in an emergency.
  • Discuss and agree :
    • a. The means of communications to be used during all operations.
    • b. Connecting / disconnecting procedures.
    • c. Cooldown requirements.
    • d. Possible purging requirements.
    • e. Vapor return system operation ( For VCM, LPG, and Ammonia )
    • f. Emergency procedures in event of fire or spillage aboard ship or on the jetty.
    • g. Procedures in case of any pollution
  • Ensure ship’s personnel are adequately aware of the hazards of the cargo.
  • Loading master/Jetty Master will provide a Material Safety Data Sheet for the cargo, which contains much useful information.
  • Ensure ship’s personnel are aware of action to take when the jetty or site fire or gas alarm is sounded.